Photo: Dreamworld
Photo: Dreamworld

Advancing Queensland

Key QUT researchers have been awarded nearly $3.4 million from the State Government under the Advance Queensland Innovation Partnerships program.

Associate Professor Robert Speight ($894,704) to establish Australia’s first biomanufacturing platform to develop animal feed supplements.

Professor Sagadevan Mundree ($750,000) to develop new nutritionally-rich foods based on tropical pulses, such as lentils, chickpeas and mungbeans.

Professor Dietmar Hutmacher ($705,000) to develop world-first 3D technology around breast scaffolds for reconstructive surgery.

Professor Ken Beagley ($600,000) to enhance the genetic diversity of local koala populations by producing disease-free koalas for release into the wild.

Roboticist, Associate Professor Michael Milford ($428,240) to automate underground mining vehicles overcoming the difficulties of navigating through a maze of tunnels in tough terrain.