Forward-thinking giving

Forward-thinking giving

The challenges faced by students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds are not unfamiliar to QUT alumnus and QUT Learning Potential Fund (LPF) donor and bequestor, Brett Hooker.

“I grew up in a very, very poor family. My mum and dad worked so hard to give me the opportunity to go to university. Nobody in our extended family ever had that opportunity previously,” Mr Hooker said.

“I’ve been in an environment where a dollar makes a difference – I grew up with that.”

After graduating from QUT with a degree in business computing in 1990, Brett spent a number of years working in Silicon Valley.

Upon his return home Brett became an alumni board member and provided industry input on computer studies being developed at QUT. He is now Group Director of Research and Development at TechnologyOne, Australia’s largest enterprise software company.

Hearing the personal stories of students who had to decide between having food on the table or continuing their study, Brett became an LPF donor.

“It is a harsh decision, and for the Learning Potential Fund to take that off their shoulders is something that deeply resonates with me,” said Mr Hooker.

Brett, a father of three, was also inspired to include a gift to QUT in his will in order to create his own named scholarship within the Fund and keep supporting students beyond his own lifetime.

“To know you can leave something that helps people on an ongoing basis is a good legacy,” said Mr Hooker.

“If I make that happen – then I make something happen permanently – because I’m not going to be around forever.

“There are always moments in your life when you need to focus on your own things, but there are times in your life when things are better, and that’s the time to say ‘if I make a small contribution to LPF, I can fundamentally change somebody else’s life’.”

You can give to the QUT Learning Potential Fund through our online form, or learn more about the Fund on the website.