Learning never stops

Learning never stops

Whether for individuals seeking new skills or businesses searching for organisation-wide change solutions, education evolves but is always essential.

QUT EX is a transformation of QUT’s executive education activities, drawing on skills and knowledge from across the university to offer tailored outcomes to government and industry organisations.

“Very simply, QUT EX is about taking QUT to the world,” Bob O’Connor, Executive Director of QUT Graduate School of Business, said.


“In today’s volatile environment, organisations face a range of ever-changing issues, problems and challenges, and very few of those sit in a single discipline.

“For example, to build a hospital there is an engineering dimension, a construction dimension, a finance dimension, industrial relations, project management and a wide variety of technical, organisational, political and stakeholder contexts,” said Mr O’Connor.

“QUT EX offers a distinctive advantage to corporate and government organisations, bringing together all of QUT’s expertise to create a solution that exactly fits the client’s requirements.”

Previously focused on delivering courses from the award-winning QUT Business School, QUT’s corporate education programs—from leadership skills to an Executive MBA­—have been recognised in the world ranking of Executive Education providers by the UK Financial Times.

Organisations including Arrow Energy, the Australian Public Service Commission, Queensland Urban Utilities, the Federal Department of Defence and several Queensland Government departments have benefitted from QUT’s corporate education courses.

Bob O'Connor
Bob O’Connor says QUT EX is about taking QUT to the world.

“With QUT EX, we are taking a university-wide approach to providing local, national and international corporate and government organisations with comprehensive solutions that deal with every aspect of the issues they are facing. It is a unique package and provides our client organisations with a unique advantage,” Mr O’Connor said.

“I don’t know of any other university, in Australia or the world, offering that.”

Mr O’Connor said QUT EX worked with organisations to ‘co-design’ programs that met their needs.

“They could be a few hours or over several months. Organisations need to be agile and so do we in our delivery,” he said.

“QUT EX will appoint academics from across QUT’s faculties so clients will have access to a deep and diverse pool of expertise and collaborative, creative approaches.”

As well as building QUT’s reputation with domestic and international companies by sharing its capabilities, the expanded set-up offers academics a chance to continue their own learning.

“It creates opportunities for our staff in real-world teaching and research. Academic staff engaging and facilitating classes with industry­—that’s as real world as it can be,” Mr O’Connor said.

“They will bring back highly current, complex examples of what business and government is facing that they can then share with our students.”

With companies forced to ‘reinvent themselves every few years’, Mr O’Connor said individuals needed to regularly upskill.

“Companies are challenging their employees to take on new skills and transform their capabilities,” he said.

“Our role is not just to teach them the theory, but show them how it can be applied effectively.

“The mantra we use is ‘learn it Monday, use it Tuesday’. It should be based on research and backed by academic rigour, and be something you can use as soon as you are back in the workplace.

“By integrating the whole of QUT we can address business issues in their entirety—helping the customer completely solve their problem, not just a piece of their problem.”