QUT Call-to-Action

QUT Call-to-Action

At QUT, we are so proud of our alumni, and love to hear about your adventures and interests once you’ve graduated.

In 2016, as part of the QUT Call-to-Action campaign, we assembled an impressive group of Learning Potential Fund scholarship recipients (pictured above) to call members of our alumni community and help strengthen the ties between graduates and students.

These calls offered an opportunity for us to hear your memories and insights, and give you the chance to catch up on news and events at QUT. During the call, students also asked our alumni to consider making a financial contribution to the Learning Potential Fund.

The campaign ran for four weeks with students speaking to almost 1000 alumni and raising in excess of $40000—a tremendous achievement!

This year we are doing it all again­—with more students. We hope you enjoy your conversation with one of our students and that you will consider making a donation to the Learning Potential Fund to support our students experiencing financial need.