Solar technology trial

Solar technology trial

QUT and Japanese manufacturer Sumitomo Electric have joined forces to trial cutting-edge solar/battery technologies for Queensland.

Sumitomo has installed a powerful concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) solar tree in Brisbane, which is being operated and tested by QUT researchers.

Professor Ian Mackinnon, from QUT’s Institute for Future Environments, said the partnership would complement and boost QUT’s existing renewable energy research program.

“It gives us the opportunity to study the operation of large-scale renewable energy generation and storage technologies in Queensland’s climate,” he said.

Professor Mackinnon said CPV technology was around 2.5 times more efficient than standard photovoltaic technology and ideal for places like Queensland that receive high levels of direct sunlight.

“Although they look similar to traditional photovoltaic panels, CPV systems have a layer of lenses over the top of the photovoltaic cells that concentrates the sunlight and makes the system far more efficient,” he said.

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